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About Our Owner

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Jason Margolies aka Dad

If you have ever heard your children say "I want that, can you make it for me" you know Jason Margolies. Having worked for over 20 years for some of the biggest in digital media marketing and advertising, Google, NBC Universal and Yahoo, Jason was always surrounded by innovative spaces.


The idea came to him while his wife was in Japan travelling. Taking care of, at the time, two kids for two weeks on your own, you have to get creative. Enter the show Treehouse Masters. Within 10 minutes of watching the show, my daughter said the words that created a business..."DADDY, BUILD ME THAT"! No, it wasn't a treehouse that he built, it was a two-story house built into a closet. From there, more ideas came and those ideas became reality. So much so, that Jason's kids friends were now asking for him to build them that for their room or playroom. As a dad observing his friends poorly designed playrooms, he knew he was on to something. As the Founder of Daddy Build Me That, Jason has spent the last 5 years revolutionizing the way children learn and play with her kids’ playroom design services.

The Team & Inspiration


Leo Jagger

The oldest of our kids, Leo loves sports, collecting sports cards & gaming. He is my personal ESPN and keeps me in the loop on all things trending.

Favorite Daddy Build Me That Item in his room:

Rustic Wooden Basketball Hoop with Lights


Mia Hendrix

Mia is an amazing Equestrian horseback rider and a lover of all animals. She is also the artist and fashionista of the family.  

Favorite Daddy Build Me That Item in her room:

Equestrian Ribbon Holder


Liv Jovi

Our little miracle baby! Liv loves to read books, help us cook and climb on everything. Her smile and laugh will melt your heart.

Favorite Daddy Build Me That Item in her room:

Two-story Playhouse 

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